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4 Easy Ways to Get Across What You Want to Your Printing Company

Many business owners hold back from getting printing for their business because they are not sure how to communicate what they want to their preferred printer. The problem with this is that it can reduce your brand awareness with customers and reduce sales.

In many cases all that is needed is to forward your ‘vector .eps’ logo or ‘high resolution’ logo, plus your business name and address details along with a thorough description of what you want. Then put some trust in the experience of your preferred printer. Just check they will send you a proof to look at before printing and you’ll be fine.

If you want to be a little more hands on then here are some ways to get across your ideas.

1. Take a Photo

If you have an example of what you’d like you can take a photo on your phone or tablet and email it. If you want to make some changes to the artwork you could write on the changes before taking the photo – or include them in your email.

2. Scan it

Same as above really but use your scanner. Some home printers even have scanners built in – so worth checking!

3. Draw it

Your ideas can be drawn by hand – yep, we get that a lot and it works just fine. Your drawing doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, just get the information down on paper roughly how you want and the designer will work his magic.

4. Microsoft

Some customers like to try their hand at creating their artwork in Word, Publisher or Excel. That’s great and often works fine. Sometime though for a small fee most printing companies may need to recreate your artwork in their professional software. A reputable printing company will discuss this with you before commencing.

If you’d like to by pass the printer’s artwork service all together that too is fine. We understand that, designing is great fun! Simply supply your printer with a Press Quality PDF file and they’ll print from. When we receive files like this we do a Free File Check and send a FREE proof back to the customer.

However, creating your own artwork can be very time consuming so if you’re in a hurry it will most likely be way easier to let your printer create your artwork for a small fee using their professional software and years of experience.

If you do decide to create artwork yourself be sure to check the requirements for things like page margins and bleed – text or logos closer than 5mm from the edge of the page can be problematic when the printed job is being guillotined to size.

Final thoughts…

Printing can benefit businesses enormously so don’t be put off. Find a friendly printing company you feel comfortable communicating with, build a relationship and your business will prosper.

Best wishes, Jason Gill

P.S. If they offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee you can be sure they’ll take precautions at every stage to ensure your order is just the way you want it and that you’ll delighted when you receive it.