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3 quick tips on how to improve a business card

Business cards are an essential business tool and need to make the right impression. Often the first printed item you hand out to a client or prospect and as such they should have the right information and be of the highest quality.

Be honest

If you are at an exhibition or in a networking environment will your cards stand out from all the other businesses, or will they be lost in the collected pile?

Do your cards truly reflect your business? Or do they give the impression your business is dated, uninspired and tatty round the edges?

Here are 3 quick steps to improve the usefulness of your business cards.

STEP 1. Create the look. There is little excuse for not having a modern looking well thought out business card. Even those in more traditional professions such as accountants or solicitors can modernise their cards but keep the traditional look.

STEP 2. Use both sides of the card. By using both sides of the card you create space – this not only looks better but moves secondary information onto the reverse of the card and improves readability. NOTE: It will not double the printing cost.

STEP 3. What do you do again? Many business cards assume the reader will know and understand what you do from your logo or job title. A solicitor may cover many areas such as: Property, family and matrimonial issues, wills, probate and litigation. So why not spell it out, why leave to chance that the recipient of your card knows all the areas your business covers?