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3 Step Basic Marketing Plan

3 Step Basic Marketing Plan

Marketing your business doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It can begin by simply following these three steps and taking a one step at a time approach:

1. Identify the kind of customers who could benefit from using your products or services.

A database is key to building your marketing campaign and a good place to start is with those who already use you. Within easy reach is a potential database of those who use you now; who have used you in the past and those who have requested information or quotations but have not yet bought from you. We’d recommend you start educating this group about all your services and products before buying a list. For the best results, a bought list should specifically resemble your current client database.

2. Create an offer to appeal to your customers.

Now you have identified your target market you will know what type offer of will work best. However, an offer doesn’t have to mean a discount or special price. Your offer could be a full list of services that your customers may not already know about, a catalogue of your latest products, or information about a new product. Think about how your products or services directly benefit your customers and create an offer based on this.

3. Decide how to communicate this offer to your customers.

You don’t need a million dollar budget to promote your products and services. Your next marketing solution could be as simple as using a local distributor to organise regular leaflet drops to homes in specific areas if you supply services such as carpet fitting or garden care. Or a brief phone call to establish a need for your service, followed by an introductory letter and the opportunity for the reader to request further information in a 6pp DL brochure.

Once you have a basic marketing plan in place, you have the tools you need to grow your business. It may not be perfect first time around, it probably won’t be, but it’s a first step and from there all subsequent steps will tweak, develop and hone your marketing and this will inevitably improve results.

There is rarely one golden bullet to market your business, in most cases it takes repetition and a varied approach to get your message across. Whenever possible keep notes of your results to see which offers works best, which approach gained the most responses, but whatever happens do not be put off, not everyone will want what you offer and those that do may not be in the market for them right now, so repeat, repeat, repeat. By staying in touch when they are ready it will be you they call.

Happy Marketing.