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Get Creative with Branded Greeting Cards

When developing a marketing strategy for your small business, it can be challenging to maintain a high frequency of communications with your customer, while still keeping your message new and fresh. With telemarketing laws and nationwide “do not call lists”, keeping in touch now relies on three primary methods: direct mail, email and social media.

While email and social media offer ease and little to no cost, they don’t “touch” the customer. Yet direct mail can be burdensome to consumers who receive tons of the stuff every day. Branded greeting cards are a great way to liven up direct mail, while offering the recipient something more personal.

Branded greeting cards are not only for marking special occasions, birthdays and holidays. Greeting Cards can also be a clever way to announce a sale or a new product line. Use them to say “Thank you” for a recent purchase, or as an invitation to a special event.

An off-the-shelf card rarely represents your unique identity, so it’s worth the investment to design a branded greeting card. Use your own logo and personalised message, and consider adding value to your greeting cards by including a special coupon offer. Whenever possible, include your handwritten signature or a short note to make a customer feel important.

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