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4 ways to turn a business card into a marketing card

Here are 4 great ways you can turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool – today!

print company that offers print to Dorset and LondonIf you really want to turbo charge your marketing material and win more customers then your business card is a great place to start. Why should company’s business card, which could be the single most important piece of marketing material be given less importance that your company brochure, leaflet or newsletter. It most likely going to be seen by more customers and prospects than any other piece of printed material your organisation produces.

So here at OceanPrint HQ we thought you’d appreciate some ideas to turn the oh so average, the incredibly overlooked business card into something of a super star in your marketing canon. We want you to consider turning your business card into something with the WOW factor and we’re starting with 4 easy ideas.

Social stuff

First off we’ll start with the obvious – but as yet still not on the majority of business cards – the Social media sites. If you’re on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and you want others to follow and who doesn’t want more and more fans, then take the opportunity to add the logos when getting your next print order. It’ll show your business is forward thinking every time you hand out a card.

QR Code

QR code, it’s the black and white square you’ve seen around made up of smaller squares in an irregular pattern. If you’re not sure what I’m talking do a quick Google.

Adding a QR code to your business cards is a great idea, once scanned on your smart-phone reader it’ll take you straight a desired website. This could be your website’s homepage or competition page or monthly special offer page – the opportunities for QR codes are endless. A must have.

Cherry-picked testimonials

Ever thought of having two or three cherry-picked testimonials on your business card? Well imagine that tomorrow you hand a prospect your business card and at the same time a competitor does, only theirs has some fantastic testimonials on one side. And perhaps underneath those testimonials it says ‘Read more glowing testimonials on our website today’. As yourself, which of you has already got an advantage?

Add a photo of yourself

Okay I know what you’re thinking, I could never do that, it’s really American. But just consider for a moment this scenario.

Your at a networking event and everyone  is having a quick chat then exchanging business cards, then having a chat with the next person and exchanging cards  – you get where I’m going with this – you’re having a great time your putting quite a few cards in your pocket ready to retrieve later. Whilst you’re chatting you’re remembering  faces, most likely at that time not actually interested in the business cards, but later, perhaps even the next morning when we lay the cards out on the desk to add to contact details to your database you’ll see the photo of a person you have chat to and immediately be able to associate the face with company and remember the conversation you had.

And if it is true that people buy people then that company representative is on their way to building a relationship with you ahead of their competitor!

More powerful business card ideas to follow soon… Adding a promise or guarantee. What makes you different? What do you do?