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5 Print Marketing Tips

Here are some ideas which are sure to improve your next piece of printed marketing.

Whether you are producing a full colour leaflet, a postcard, a card flyer or brochure or pretty much any promotional material you care to name, the following tips are worth bearing in mind.

A punchy heading.
This will grab the readers attention, examples include: The lazy man’s way to riches or 60 days ago they called me baldy!
The 4 key elements include: curiosity, benefit, believabilty, self interest.

Not too much text.
Keep your message short, sharp and to the point. It is common to fill every area of white space with text but as with so much in life – less is more. After writing your copy try to trim it back as much as possible, very few potential readers want to read an essay. They simply want a summary of what the benefit will be of your using your product or service and what the investment will be. If need be hire a professional copywriter.

A great offer with a time limit.
To get your reader to act quickly include a time limited offer. Popular ways to do this are: 50% off this month. Sign up today and receive your free book today. Limited number of seat available so book yours today.

Contact details.
Ensure your contact details are large and clear. If you want the reader to call you emphasise that, if you want them to visit your website make this clear.

Tracking your marketing material is important so one last tip is to ask where any new prospect heard about you.