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Kylie Minogue joins The Voice

I read with interest this week that Pop superstar Kylie Minogue has revealed she is joining The Voice as one of the coaches and that got me thinking.

Like many of you I remember Kylie when she played Charlene Robinson in the Australian TV show Neighbours. Her character back then was as a tomboy and car mechanic which is a long way from her glamorous pop goddess image of today.

As with most success stories Kylie’s wasn’t achieved overnight and she has crafted her image (her message) through hard work and many reinventions – she is a savvy businesswoman. She has done it patiently over many years and you can be pretty sure she hasn’t finished yet.

In short, with small steps she has crafted her image and message to her fans and at the same time had a clear vision of her direction. Right back in the very early days Kylie’s ambition (according to Pete Waterman her then producer) was to as big as Madonna or Prince – she had a goal.

Goal setting is the key to achieving success. Whether it’s small goals like saving for those new shoes or big goals like running the marathon or doubling sales. Whether you have personal goals, career goals or business goals you need to know what they are, that they are realistic and a plan on how to get there.

We may not all achieve Kylie’s kind of global success but I promise you most success comes from setting goals and working out a plan on how to get there.

Have a great week,