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7 Business Card Mistakes To Avoid

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When you’re ready to promote your business, there’s probably a great chance that you’re going to hand a potential client or customer a business card. Since this card should be more than just your name and contact information, you have to realise that many clients may judge your business on the business card alone. While some people just want your information and don’t care what the card looks like, you may find some people laughing if it looks like your two year old daughter drew it up.

If you’re thinking about creating some new business cards, here are seven mistakes you should avoid making:

1. No Branding
You don’t want to create a card that doesn’t have any branding. Think about this one for a second. If you think of larger brands such as McDonald’s, IBM, and Google, you can instantly picture their brand and colors, right? Well, you’re going to want to do the same thing with your business! Make sure that your business card has your colours, your logo and establish a brand.

2. Avoid the Photo
Adding a photo to your business card can often look tacky. Most people just want your card for your information and to see what your business is all about. They don’t want to take a look at your face that takes up more than 30% of the card. While many people do this, you have to realize that you should save this precious space for the business name, contact information and some white space to avoid that cluttered look.

3. Avoiding the Typical Business Card Size
Some people try to be cute with their business cards but what many people find that it can truly backfire. These business cards are a certain size for a reason. You have to remember that many people will scan these items at home and if the size doesn’t fit, you may be ticking some people off.

4. The Contact Information is Lacking
Your business card is all about the contact information. While you don’t have to have 20 point size font, you have to make sure that it sticks out.
Generally, people will want to know specific information such as your address, phone number, email and even a fax number. If you have a website, don’t forget to add that too. Take the preferred contact method and try to make it as large as possible. You will have to add other pieces of information on the card, so don’t make it too cluttered.

5. Not Keeping Them Around
When you get the fresh box of business cards on your doorstep, don’t just throw them in a drawer! Make sure that you’re always carrying them around in your wallet and purse. You never know if there’s going to be that time when you run into someone that is interested in your business.

6. Consider the Glossy Paper Again
While a glossy shine can look fantastic on your card, you sometimes have to realize that some people like to jot things down on your card when they do receive them. If you plan on writing on the business cards yourself or you’re thinking that other people are going to do the same thing, you may want to stick with the traditional paper and add gloss to just one side.

7. Where’s the Social Media?
In today’s day and age, don’t forget about adding your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. You will only want to consider this, though, if you’re an active user. If you do decide to add your social media profiles, just make sure it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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