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Effective Newsletters

Keys to an Effective Newsletter

Newsletters are a form of communication that can strengthen the link between your company and employees, as well as between your company and your customers. There are certain key factors that will make your newsletter effective and successful, no matter whom the audience is.

Effective Design

When designing your newsletter you will want to keep in mind that it needs to be appealing to look at. High quality graphics and professional layout will make your newsletter appealing and attention grabbing. The more visually appealing your newsletter is, the more likely it will be read instead of pushed aside. You can also look at a variety of newsletters that you have personally received and see what stands out to you about each one. Take note of what works and what doesn’t work and try to incorporate the successful elements into your newsletter.

Short and Sweet

We live in a world of short attention spans and tight schedules and, because of this reality, it is likely that your newsletter will be scanned, at best. If you want certain key points to stand out, use bullet points and bold titles. If you then want to expand the point, you can do so in concise sentences beneath the bullet pointed note. This allows your readers to easily see what you consider to be the most important information. Whether your newsletter is one page or several pages, keeping your topics short and simple ensures that you can convey more.

Underpin Your Authority

Your newsletter is a tool to help bring your clients to you. If you provide useful information, such as tips and advice and articles of interest, your newsletter will become more valuable to your reaser. When this happens, it is likely that they will seek you out to learn more. Providing useful information also creates an air of authority and credibility. Since newsletters are considered to be a secondary marketing tool, you can underpin your primary marketing efforts by reinforcing your authority with your informed approach to your regular newsletter.