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Stay In Touch All Year

Don’t just stay close at Christmas

Every business today is striving to stay foremost in the minds of their customers. With the volume of advertising we are exposed to every day it gets harder and harder. Which is why a personalised note, handwritten and posted is going to have more impact than a computer generated letter.

Naturally this same principal applies to thank you cards, card flyers and postcards. Why not set up a schedule to send something once a month to stay in touch and remain close to your customers. There are a myriad reasons to send out something interesting and remain at the forefront of your customer’s mind.

There are the many holidays we all know well such as Easter and Christmas which are perfect opportunties to remind customers of your services and at the same time instil a warm glow about you and your team.

What about the rest of year?

Well how about Valentine’s day, pancake day, Mother’s day, April fools day. As you can see there are more than enough opportunities the create as much attention as you need.

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