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Are you building an online relationship?

Exciting Times

print company that offers print to Dorset and LondonFor businesses to continue to prosper and grow it is important to step out of the comfort zone and look to increased marketing, communication and innovative solutions with new and existing customers.

So many of our customers are now embracing the power of social media, we’ve recently created a logo and background for a Twitter page, given advice on Facebook pages for a business and posted a proof of a brochure on our Facebook page for the client to see. These are all things not typically considered part of the service a ‘traditional’ printing company offers – but we do!

At the end of the day all businesses offer a service, we solve a problem and whilst we all grapple with these ‘additional’ forms of media it changes the way we all approach our business life.  A good example here is the content of what we print. So much of the marketing material we now produce includes QR codes, logos for LinkedIn, Twiiter and Facebook. Many customers now look to promote these other forms of communication and build online relationships and so promoting this in printed material makes sense.

So these are for sure very exciting times for you, us and the way we all communicate with one another.