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Artwork and Design

Professional looking design sells – fact

If you want your business to be taken seriously then we urge you to invest a part of your print budget in design. Poor design will reflect directly on your business and on it’s success. Plus it’ll make you feel better and more confident when presenting your product or service.

Our design service is just £49 per hour


Your Corporate Identity
“I don’t need a logo to succeed.” Maybe. But it sure helps. It’s the centre-piece of your brand. If it wasn’t important, would the big boys and girls spend so much developing theirs? We think not. We design logos day in, day out and we’ve got Corporate Identity packages to suit any budget – from a pigeon’s purse to a walrus’s wallet.


Logo looking tired and out of date? Let us give it a quick nip and tuck and a cheeky face lift.
(1 hour design time)


Budget corporate branding
Already have a strong idea for your corporate image but need us to realise your concept?
Our Budget Package includes:
• 1/2 hour consultation
• 2 hours design time
• A minimum of 2 logo ideas
• 1/2 hour fine tuning


Premium corporate identity
We’ll take care of it all – from concept and research through to visualisation.
Our Premium Package includes:
• 1 hour consultation
• 2 hours research and development time
• 2 hours design time
• A minimum of 2 logo ideas
• 1 hour fine tuning

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for design is required before any artwork is carried out – if a deadline for artwork is required it must be agreed prior to payment. Failure to do this can result in your deadline being missed. Once you have paid your initial design fee, please be aware it can take 24 – 48 hours for you to receive your initial design.

Design Services: Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What do I need to get the project started? Please supply us with as much detailed information as possible. Our designers will then review it and contact you with more questions, should they arise. Anything else that you feel may assist our designers, such as documents or images, can be sent to us as well.

2. What kind of projects can be created ?
Pretty much anything an SME requires, including business cards, brochures, postcards, logos, flyers, stickers, greeting cards, and newsletters, posters, banners, bookmarks, swing tags, calendars… If you have something in mind just drop us a line, we have a very can-do attitude.

3. How do I order prints?
Once we’ve completed your design project, one of our team can further assist you in placing your print order.

4. Do you design trademarks or logos?
Yes we do. The price for standard logo design £149. We then charge £49.00 an hour for any changes after that.

Logo design 3-step process
Basic logo sketch for you to see. Then a software design is created from your feedback and a pdf proof sent. Then a final design is created.

Why pay for design?
It is a long held belief that great design plays a large part in the success of your printed item and should be part of the overall budget. Poorly produced, your message may generate okay results but can just as likely produce a negative perception of your company. Results are the what is important not how many items you send out. Like any job, the correct tools coupled with the professionalism, skill and the knowledge required to use those tools are what produces results. We do artwork and design day in and day out so we know what works, what looks good and what are the important elements required in your printed item. It is our belief that good design is a learned skill just like any other and should therefore be left to the experts. Our design charges, we are sure, are a lot lower that you think, so call us today and let’s get to work!

Artwork or design – what is the difference?
We reckon… You tell us what you want and we follow it exactly then that is artwork. Let us take on board broadly want you require then come up with something for you then that is design. That’s what we figure anyhow.