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Booklet Printing

Booklet Printing

A Booklet can also be referrred to as a pamphlet or leaflet but is commonly considered a more in depth and higher content document. A booklet can consist of multiple pages of copy and images and is usually bound with a protective or slightly thicker cover. The dictionary defintion of a booklet states that it is a mini book, usually less than twenty pages in length.

Booklets can either be bound in the traditional sense with a spine or can be folded in a concertina shape. The purpose of a booklet is to provide information on products or services if used in the context of marketing material. A booklet is also a useful way of providing instructions or more technical information in an after sales context.

Booklet Printing Service

Booklets can be printed in a multitude of sizes. As we are based in the UK our traditional sizes range from A6 through to A4 which is the most common size range for booklets. Although these sizes can also be customised to suit your design.

Booklet Design

Creating a striking and visual booklet is a must so that you engage your readers interest and successfully sell your product or service to them. It is important to get this professionally designed as each booklet will be tailored to your companies brand and products/services offered.

Booklet Benefits

The benefits of having a professionally designed and printed booklet really reinforces to your client base that you are a professional business offering a serious product or service, which is shown off in the best light by your printed material. A booklet is often a useful sales tool to direct a potential customer to the types of services or products that your company offers and provides them with a reminder of your company when you have finished the meeting.

Artwork and Design for Booklets

Our artwork and design team are on hand to assist you in putting together a visually pleasing and attractive printed booklets for use in your everyday client handling. We have vast experience with what works and can put together an appropriate booklet design based on your existing companies branding and design guidelines if need be.