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4 Brand Boosting Notepad Marketing Tips

Notepads are unlike any other marketing tool because their primary function goes well beyond advertising a product or the services of a business. Since notepads are normally used by people to write down notes and reminders, there’s a greater chance for these items being kept instead of thrown to one side like a flyer promoting a sale for a limited time.to-do-list-pad

Therefore, your approach towards notepad marketing must be different in such a way that you do not use them simply to advertise your business. You have to consider how people will view your company through your notepads.

Below is some notepad marketing advice that should benefit your brand.

Keep your branding consistent
The color schemetypeface, and logo all contribute to how people perceive your company. By using the same elements on all your marketing items, you get to strengthen your brand and maintain a professional appearance.

Aim for creativity
Although notepads are printed with your business contact details (address, e-mail, and telephone), the manner in how they are designed and packaged can give your business a distinct marketing edge.

Include these inside self-promotional kits
For companies doing presentations for clients and handing out media kits to every one, include a notepad inside each kit. While people normally receive business cards, brochures, branded pens, and letterheads inside the kits, notepads are the only tools that allow them to write down things during your presentations.

Use the notepads
What better way for you as a business owner to market your business through notepads than to use them? It is important that you show faith in your brand by advocating your products. Despite the advent of word processors in computers and laptops or even smartphones, you can still use the notepad to jot down your ideas on the go.

Reflecting your brand as one of quality demands your notepads should be made from high-quality materials and be of attractive design with your branding and logo printed on it. Since your notepads must reflect your business based on how they look and feel, it would be difficult to endorse notepads that are poor in quality and appearance.

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