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Brochure Design

Brochure Design

A Brochure is similar to a small booklet or leaflet, however they are usually understood to be purely for displaying list of products or services as opposed to being informative. A brochure will often contain images and copy relating to the products they are showing, unlike a catalogue however, brochures often omit prices, prioritising the space available to give detailed information about the products or services on show.

Brochures are usually stapled or glued, using good quality card or paper. A brochure is defined in the dictionary as a pamphlet or booklet, esp one containing summarized or introductory information or advertising.

Brochure Design Service

Although usually small, brochures can be printed in range of sizes and designs. Usually we deal with sizes A4 to A6, as these are the standard sizes in the UK, however you can define a custom size in your designs if you prefer.

Brochure Design

Your brochure can make or break a client’s initial interest in your company. For this reason, it is vital to have a professionally designed brochure, to draw in potential customers. A good brochure can also solidify your status as a bonafide, professional outfit. We can design your brochures from scratch, or take existing designs and adapt them to create a brochure which will best reflect your company brand.

Brochure Benefits

There are great benefits to having a well designed, striking brochure. It can save you a lot of time explaining and re-explaining your products or services – with a brochure, you can instead hand the client your beautifully designed list of products and get the words right every time! It also works as a constant reminder of what your company can do. For example, if your client has your brochure lying around in their office, they will be reminded each time they look at it that they need to give you a ring!

Artwork and Design for Brochures

We have huge experience not only with printing, but with designing for brochures. Our graphic designers know what works and will happily create a striking, professional brochure whether that means creating a whole new brand, or using your existing one!