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Business Card Must Haves

Do your business cards fit in with the way you do business. Here’s how you can improve their usefulness as part of your toolkit.

Functionality – Being able to write on your business card is essential, everyone in business knows how important it is to be able to make notes.

Your message – A hard hitting tagline differentiates you and will speak to your audience. Your card should shout about who you are and what you stand for.

Professional email and URL – To be taken seriously you need a professional domain name. Not Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail! A grown up company domain name.

Social Media – Include your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even your Blog URL. Show that you are an active participant in the way business is done today.

QR code – A QR (quick response) code is truly useful for the rapidly growing number of website visitors using mobile devices to search for what they need.

Photo – Show you’re proud of and stand by your business by including your photo. It will also make your card truly memorable.

Business cards can work for or against your business. What do yours do?