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Calendar Design

Printed Calendars

A calendar is commonly a series of images that have a monthly chart that is seperated down in to a day vs date table. This calendar date table usually has enough space to write events and notes in. The most common type of calendars for sale are usually spiral bound and wall mounted with the binding at the top. When a new month occurs the previous is flipped over to the back, presenting the new month for fresh event and notation.

Generally, printed Calendars usually have a theme to them, such as a football team or favourite pop idol. Sometimes Calendars can contain rude or provocative images which are only suitable for an adult workplace, such as a mechanics workshop.

Calendar Design Service

Company Calendars are traditionally used as a gift to clients and customers and can be designed with the overall brand or company message in mind. This can be designed in a fairly imaginative way and focus on a strong message as there is usually quite a lot of space to design in to. The traditional size of calendars can usually be long, thin calendars or a landscape style.

Other Calendar types could be desktop calendars that are mounted on a triangular base with the previous month being flipped to the back. Daily calendars, that give a day to day peel off are also quite popular.

Branded Calendar Benefits

Not only will a client be overwhelmed by the sheer generosity of you and your company but it is an ideal way for you to communicate your services to them on a daily basis and give them a constant reminder of your presence. If the calendar is intended to convey a humorous message they will also find your company amusing and entertaining and as such want to do more business with you.

Artwork and Design for Calendars

We have huge experience not only with printing, but with designing for company branded calendars. Our graphic designers know what works and will happily create a striking, professional calendar whether that means creating a whole new brand, or using your existing one!