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Carbonless Forms

Carbonless Forms for Business

A carbonless form is an alternative to carbon copy forms and is a good solution for small businesses that require duplication. The idea behind a carbonless form is to create multiple copies of the same information and duplicate the filled out form for mutliple filing purposes. By filling out an easily duplicated form you can hand one to the customer and keep a copy for your files.

Carbonless Form Design

They can often be ordered with numbering and also glued edges that are easy to peel. The technology behind them is quite clever. The whole point of them is to not use any type of carbon and instead use a micro-enacapsulated ink on the downside of the paper, so when pressure is applied to the writing surface a reactive clay on the next sheet is activated. This then causes the duplication of the topsheet.

Carbonless Form Benefits

Saving time by writing once and creating multiple copies is a great way of being more productive. Also it can be quite important to keep records of reciepts or documentation that you have given to clients or suppliers.

Artwork and Design for Carbonless Forms

Carbonless forms can be branded with your company insignia and logo to give you your form that personal touch.