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Coffee break guide to leaflet content

7 top tips to improve your leaflet.

Key to keeping customers, generating additional sales and winning new business is often a case of simply reminding customers and prospects of all your products and services on a regular basis. Often however, the first hurdle many businesses face is what they should put in their literature. So this month’s Marketing Talk is our coffee break guide to leaflet content. It is by no means comprehensive and is meant as a basic guide to start you on your way.

Sexy headline wins business
Grab the reader with a powerful headline promise or an attractive headline offer which will make them want to read on.

Tell the story with subheadings
Readers will scan your leaflet before deciding whether they should read on. Sub headings should therefore, spell out the main benefits of what you offer in bite size chunks. When read, great subheadings tell the whole story.

Easily digestible paragraphs are best
Short, sharp paragraphs which are easy to digest and remember are best for the reader. Aim for paragraphs which are three or four lines long. Break up overly long paragraphs with bullet points.

Are you a safe pair of hands?
Readers will be anxious about making a buying mistake, so your job is to educate the reader. Tell the reader why your product or service is the solution they’re looking for. Picture yourself as a reader who is keen to be convinced you will solve their problem.

Testimonials assure me you’re terrific
Testimonials from happy customers are absolute gold. If need be write them on behalf of your customer and ask them to agree what you’ve written.

Irresistible special offers
Tempt warm prospects to take the next step sooner rather than later by making them an offer they’ll find hard to resist. Vary your offers to see what works best and to increase desirability try making them time limited or restrict availability.

What now?
Think about the objective of sending the leaflet, what do you want the reader to do? Does the reader call for a free brochure and discount voucher, book a demonstration, call for a quotation or buy now? Make it easy for the reader to take the next step.

Dear reader, whenever possible keep notes of your results to see which offers works best, which approach gained the most responses, but whatever happens do not be put off, not everyone will want what you offer and those that do may not be in the market for them right now, so repeat, repeat, repeat. Staying in touch means, when they are ready it will be you they call.

Happy Marketing.