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Company Letterhead Requirements

Company Letterhead Requirements

A company letterhead or corporate letterhead is most often a piece of A4 sized paper that has been pre-printed with the company branding, contact information and logo of a company.

Letterhead and Compliment SlipIt is important to get the requirements of a company letterhead correct according to the UK laws and legal requirements in company law. These vary according to the type of business you have registered.

Sole trader company letterhead requirements:

As a sole trader you can simply record your full name and company address. If you are trading under a brand name then you must include your full name as well.

Partnership letterhead requirements:

A company that has been registered as a partnership is required to record all of the partners involved in the business and the address of the main office. If there are simply too many partners to realistically put on the compnay letterhead then it is also ok to state where a list of partners can be accessed, such as a website page.

Limited company letterhead requirements:

The company letterhead requirements for a limited company are a bit more involved with the following points that are legally required on your stationary.

  • Company name as registered in full.
  • The company registration number
  • Place of registration, sometimes this could be an accountancy firm.
  • The company registered address and the address of its place of business, if different
  • There is no need to include the names of the directors on the letterhead for a limited company, but if you choose to name directors all directors must be named

Investment company letterhead requirements:

If you are an investment company you MUST record that you are an investment company. This is defined by section 266 of the Companies Act 1985.

Charitable company letterhead requirements:

Charitable companies must also include that they are a charity if this is not evident in their company name. It is also a good idea to record the charity number as well.

Other Company Letterhead Ideas:

The above points are definite requirements for each type of registered business but here are some further ideas that would compliment your company letterhead and also might win you some additional business.

  • Website Address – This could push people to investigate your company portfolio and online marketing.
  • QR code – A QR code is another way for someone to access any further information online by scanning it.
  • Trade certificates, awards and memberships – Badges or logo’s will also add integrity to your company letterhead.

If you are still unsure about what information suits your type of registered business then the Companies House website might reassure you further.

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