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Company Stationery

Your Letterhead

A company letterhead or “letterhead” is usually branded piece of A4 sized paper that is pre-printed with the branding, contact information and logo of a company. The pre-printing of this is done by a print company, such as ourselves, who then supply to the companies offices.

When any official company correspondence is sent out, such as notifications and client or supplier communication the staff can print their document on to this letter headed paper, which is run through the office printer. It is important that the word processing software that the office uses has been configured to margin the header and footer of the letterhead spaces, otherwise overprinting could occur.

Company Letterhead Design

Designing a letterheaded piece of A4 paper is fairly straight forward. Traditionally the logo of the company will be placed in the top left corner and the contact details, such as phone number and email/postal address in the top right. This is usually in a colour band or graphic and takes up the top of the page. The band/logo height can be anything but is usually in the region of 5- 10 cms. Having a prominent logo and contact details is a good idea but it is also important not to drown out the important information further down the page.

A letterheaded piece of paper often has a footer as well. This usually contains anything from a company slogan, further contact details and even terms and conditions. Other graphics, such as trade certification badges, affiliate companies or awards can also be included here.

Company Letterhead Benefits

Having a branded letterhead will really get the message across that your company is a professional organisation that likes to communicate with style. Your letter-headed piece of paper can really help sell the company, with references to awards, certification and other industry related trademarks. The receiver of  this type of correspondence will be of the opinion that time and effort has gone in to contacting them, especially if the message is individual to them.

“Strong communication comes from a good letterhead”

Producing a well branded and designed letterhead gives additional kudos to your company.

Artwork and Design for Company Letterheads

Our artwork and design team are on hand to assist you in putting together a visually pleasing and attractive company letterhead for use in your everyday client handling. We have vast experience with what works and can put together an appropriate letterhead design based on your existing companies branding and design guidelines if need be.

Company Letterhead Requirements

There also some legal requirements for your company letterhead, so check out this information about company letterhead requirements to give you an idea about what to include.


If you want to check out the paper weight, size and prices of our company letterheads or enquire how we can design your company brand, logo and required information in to a company letterhead then please get in touch today.



Your Compliment Slip

A good compliment or “comp slip” should be small enough to fit in with your other correspondence such as an invoice or report. It is a semi-informal way of thanking the client for the opportunity for their business and could include the phrase “with compliments” or “thankyou for your business”.
Other things to put on a compliment slip would be your company logo and means of further contact such as a telephone number and email address.

Don’t have artwork? No problem – we’d love to create it for you.

Compliment Slip Designer Tip: Emphasise your web address to increase traffic to your site, think about putting a QR code on there as well for your smartphone using clients.

Compliment Slip Size

As compliment slips are quite personal to your business and style it is entirely up to you what size you need. It would be a good idea to include enough space to write a brief message that also allows room for your company branding and further means of contact.

Our Standard Compliment Slips (210x99mm) are printed in full colour on one side or two sides, 100gsm bond paper.

Why Does My Company Need A Compliment Slip?

A Compliment slip portrays a professional and polished image of your companies correspondence. As your market becomes more competitive, it is important in making the extra effort of providing a way of expressing thanks to your client for using your service or products. A handwritten message also gives reassurance to your client that their custom is valued enough to your company.

Compliment Slip Advice

If you want to ask us any further questions or ask about how effective compliment slips are or how they could be used, then please feel free to contact us.

We could also send you a free sample pack to give you an idea of the quality of our compliment slip printing services.