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Create A Direct Mail Offer That Works

There are many key elements to consider when producing a piece of Direct Mail but here we are going to look at the offer you make to encourage your reader to respond. A strong offer which is not boring or bland will make a huge difference to the response rate of your Direct Mail campaign so we encourage you to give it a considerable amount of time and thought.

  • Don’t be boring and simply offer 10% off. For a greater response be creative and create a unique promotion, such as free bonus items or group packaged discounts. The best kind of offer cannot be easily compared to what your competitors offer.
  • Consider how you want your reader to respond to your offer, such as “Order now at www.oceanprintdirect.co.uk” “Call us today at 01202 830095”, etc.
  • Think like a customer and choose the best perceived value. For example, consider this same offer presented three different ways:
  1. 50% off!
  2. Half price!
  3. Buy one get one FREE!
    (note: Buy one get one FREE! is perceived as the most attractive offer)
  • Create a sense of urgency with a time-sensitive offer such as: Only available until midnight tonight, so order fast!
  • Create a sense of scarcity with an offer like: Space is limited to only 35 customers, so act fast to avoid disappointment
  • Personalise your message whenever possible.
  • Make sure your offer is clear and concise, and spell out all necessary details.
  • Highlight ways that your product (and offer) is a greater value than your competition.
  • Beware of creating an offer that sounds too good to be true. Be upfront with all costs, terms, etc.
  • Promote your guarantee. The stronger your guarantee, the better your responses.

At the outset consider the 3 Ms – Message, Market and Media.

Message: Without the right message you are going to be in trouble. Consider who you are talking to and speak their language. For example if you are an accountant don’t speak in accountant speak like, Derivative Tax Inefficient Deductibles! Use language the average person in the street will understand and be interested in and want to respond to.

Market: You need to be able to target the right people. Even if you do have a great message, if you don’t send that message to the right person, it is going to fall upon deaf ears. Here’s an example: If I know you own a classic car then sending you information about specialist insurance cover for classic car owners is relevant. Better still, if I know what make of classic car you own then I am on to a real winner. I can further craft my message to you and talk about what makes my insurance cover for your particular model of car so perfect. The bonus here is that now it is entirely possible I can charge more for my insurance cover as I now perceived as an expert.

Media: The media you choose much depends on where your target market is. If your target market is 80 year old men then probably using Facebook is the not the best way to reach them. In most cases you should try to use a combination of both online and offline media. I would certainly not become reliant on just one form of media. The more forms of online and offline media you use the stronger your marketing machine will be.

Grab attention and get noticed with attractive, bold, graphics in vibrant colours printed on high-quality paper. If your marketing material looks cheap it will give the wrong impression of your business.

Remember, our creative team is eager to help if you’d like help creating a direct mail piece with an offer that is too good to refuse!