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Deliver your message with bookmarks

Here are a few tips to ensure your bookmarks deliver success.

BookmarksThe first thing to consider is who your target audience will be. If you’re an author promoting your next best seller then ensuring you reach the correct readership is important. If you have written an IT how-to manual then the checkout at your local PC Megastore makes sense but if you’ve written a work of crime fiction then airport coffee shops would be best. A bridal shop might consider hotels. A carpet cleaning company would consider estate agents, furniture and curtain stores.

The next thing to consider is what your message will be and what the aim of producing the bookmark is. The very nature of a bookmark means your message will be seen over and over again and we all know repetition is the key to marketing success. So if you are a charity looking for donations then your readers can be repeatedly reminded of your mission and all the great work you do and ways to contribute. If you are an accountant then why not include key dates or useful figures for calculation and then generously distribute to customers, bookkeepers and at networking events.

Now, you know your message is targeted because you are distributing in the correct locations, and let’s assume you’ve also now decided what your message will be, then the next thing to consider is a call to action.Whether you are looking for sponsors, donations or new customers you’ll require a call to action, this is something which will motivate your reader to contact your organisation when the time is right.

Offering a discount on your bookmark is sure to motivate your reader, whether it’s a free coffee, a percentage off, a discount on your services or a free consultation. It’s a way to reduce the risk of them using your service for the first time. If you are a charity however, then a forthcoming event you are holding could be the answer. Another tip is to make your offer limited to encourage your reader to act sooner rather than later. If you’re stuck for what sort of incentive might work for you then ask around, asking a customer who is also a friend is usually a good place to start – just make sure you tell them to be honest.

Finally, a little on your design. A bookmark which is poorly designed is less likely to be used.  The shape of a bookmark means message brevity is important. A short headline and limited copy, attractive colors and quality materials are fundimental in ensuring your bookmark is kept and used time and again.

The oceanprintdirect.co.uk customer service team will be glad to offer advice and if you do not have artwork our in-house design team have the experience, the know-how and the latest professional software to work with you to bring your ideas to life. Our aim at oceanprintdirect.co.uk is to help your business succeed through printed and promotional media.

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