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Door Hangers

If your business is looking for an easy, affordable, and creative way to promote your business, don’t forget about the potential of door hangers.

Here are a few tips for creating the perfect door hanger coupons your audience will love:

  • Focus on neighbourhoods with the best potential for returns. For example, lawn care special offers wouldn’t be a big seller in an area full of apartments.
  • Ensure your door hanger is easily readable at first glance. Use bold headlines, attractive colours and a strong call to action to encourage your audience to contact you.
  • Keep your promotion simple with one distinct offer. You can encourage readers to check out your website for special offers or further information.
  • Don’t forget your contact information, should a recipient have questions are want additional information.
  • Assign a unique discount code or web URL or QR code to track the results of your door hanger distribution.
  • When distributing door hangers, go prepared with a quick blurb that describes your business when distributing door hangers. You never know when someone opens the door and asks what you do.

If you’d like help creating door hangers that can help boost your sales, find out more here