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E-Mail Marketing

E-mail has become such a fundamental part of doing business now. It’s also a great way to keep in contact with your customers in a very economic way.  A well thought-out e-mail campaign can keep your name in front of clients and generate more business particularly when offering sales promotions.

E-Marketing is a cost effective approach to creating awareness and marketing of your company and products. Designed with continuity in mind, it will complement your literature and traditional direct mail techniques.

We can provide advice on target markets and, working with you, we will design that eye-catching ‘e-blast’. Furthermore, we can broadcast your e-blast for you.

Consider theses benefits:

  • e-mails can be targeted to individuals (so it’s essential to build up a good database of addresses)
  • There are no postage costs
  • They can be implemented quickly so if you want to get a message across urgently they are the ideal tool
  • You are able to monitor the success of campaigns (how many people opened the e-mail, how many clicked through to your web site etc)
  • Great for offer-based propositions, staying in touch, driving traffic to specific website pages


Need an e-mail list?

We can add a “Join our Mailing List” button to your website to make it easy for your customers to be kept up to date. Or work with you to build your customer’s database through a direct mail or online campaigns. In short we have the expertise to help you build your mailing list, create the campaigns for you and then send them out on your behalf.

Tracking campaign results is essential and after each campaign you’ll get a report to show the response rate, which is a great way to refine and improve future e-mail campaigns.