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Everybody loves a free gift

How do you think your best customer will feel when out of the blue they receive a useful branded promotional gift from you? Loved, that’s how.

Staying in touch with your customers is more important than ever before. So many business owners are looking to retain their customers and show new customers how much they are loved by working at it more than they used to.

Great customer service, showing you care and commitment to building a relationship are top of the list for sure. Then ring-fencing customers by finding ways to stay in touch, reminding them of your services and remaining foremost in their mind should be near the top of the list. A number of ways to do this include a Newsletter, greeting cards, Christmas cardsnote padsdesk pads and branded promotional gifts.

We can talk you though ideas and have brochures of our Promotional Gifts range available to send you. So if you’re serious about promoting your brand take a brochure off our hands and find something to market your business.

Our top 10 promotional gifts are for branded pens, promotional keyrings, branded mugs, note pads and deskpads, diaries, calendars and calendar mousemats, branded bags and umbrellas with a logo.

Let’s get marketing… for a brochure call 0845 077 9020 or email [email protected]

PS. Keep an eye out for our Printed Newsletter which will be with our customers soon, it’s packed with ideas and tips on how we can help you gain and retain customers.