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Full Colour Business Cards

Full Colour Business Cards Information

What are business cards?

A good business card is generally a small rectangular card (about the size of a credit card) that contains relevant information about your company and your contact details. It is also a good idea to have your companies logo and branding on a business card and make it professional looking, legible and eye-catching to stand out from the crowd.

When would I use Full Colour Business Cards?

A business card would commonly be used when you are introducing yourself to prospective clients or suppliers when you are networking or at a conference.
It always considered polite to only give out a business card when asked to do so!

Japanese Business Card Trivia

In the Japanese culture the exchanging of business cards is taken very seriously, it is generally wise to accept a business card with both hands and slightly bow when receiving it! It is also important to be very careful with storing the business card after being given it as this could also be seen as an insult if done carelessly.

The most common types of business cards contain the following information:

• Name
• Title tag
• Company name
• Address
• Telephone numbers and
• E-mail address

Business Cards, A Valuable Marketing Tool

Business cards are a valuable weapon in the marketing arsenal for representing your company or brand and even if a company has no other printed material with their branding on it, it is often the case that a printed business card is used to get promote their services to their clients. Ocean Print uses our expertise as a wel established and experienced print company to offer quality and good advice.

Brilliant colour schemes, multiple card thicknesses/type and full colour print processes are some of the tricks that we employ on the print shop floor to ensure that your company gets the best value for your print budget. Our experienced artwork and design team also work alongside you to create a great solution.

Full Colour Digital Printing or Spot Colour Process

Full color business cards inks, papers and materials are all things that our print company take into consideration so that you don’t have to. Ocean Print & Design can use either innovative and modern digital printing to produce affordable full color business cards prints, or more expensive spot colour process to precisely match your pantone branded colour. We also pride ourselves on suggesting ways for you to save money by using cost saving ways of printing your business cards in bulk prints and laying out methods.

CMYK Business Cards

CMYK or four color process printing. Four colours, which are cyan, magenta, yellow and black are combined in varying degrees to produce full colour images.

Business Cards, Card Thickness & Type

Matt, Gloss and Silk all refer to different types of finishes that your business card will have. A finish will dictate how your card feels and also looks and may even affect the colour scheme that you have chosen. Matt finish simply means that it is not shiny and is more like traditional paper or card in the way that the finished business card looks.

A gloss finish business card will look “shiny” and reflect the surrounding light, this will have a similar look to a printed photo. A silk finish will sit somewhere in between the matt finish business card and gloss finish business card.

Expert Business Card Advice

Please feel free to give us a ring or email and discuss your business card printing ideas with us, we are happy to talk inks, colour processes, the pros and cons of each printing process and also the various thickness and styles of card that we can print on. You will find us knowledgeable about printing business cards and happy to help.