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Give Your Business An Unfair Advantage, Go Green.

Why go green?

If your competition started sending out stationery and marketing material on recycled paper, do you think it would give them an unfair advantage? If the answer is YES, then what are YOU waiting for?

Is it important to you that your business is seen to be doing it’s part for the environment?

Recycled paper costs have fallen and the quality improved due mainly to demand – which is great news. Papers are now whiter, smoother and bulkier and in most cases it is difficult to tell the difference between recycled and standard paper.

There is now a huge array of papers and boards available with varying amounts of recycled waste. So we’re sure there will be something suitable for you.

Marketing Tip: Changing over to recycled paper is a great excuse to get in touch with clients. Regular and relevant contact with clients, as any successful marketer will tell you is crucial for continued sales and client retention. Send them a Letter, Leaflet, Marketing Card or Mini Brochure which not only explains you’re an environmentally aware business but also reminds them of your products or services.

If you need advice on where to start with your design or which printed item to choose then one of our team will be glad to advise.