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Carbonless Work Forms

For businesses in the service industry, repair calls can vary greatly from job to job. Whether you repair autos, home appliances, plumbing, or make general home repairs, an NCR Carbonless Form is the best way to create a work order that will become a lasting record of the transaction for you AND your customer.

In addition to your logo, carbonless forms should contain contact information for your business. Many clients will refer to an old invoice to make a repeat call to a service provider. Allow a section for parts used to complete the job, with columns for quantity, unit cost, and description of each part. Experts advise including a waiver on carbonless forms, authorising you to assess and repair equipment and releasing you from damages or liability.

•  2-, 3-, or 4-parts, perfect for sub-contracting

•  suggestions for maintenance or future services
•  checkboxes for annual contracts or warranty protection
•  areas for including additional comments/details about the job

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