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Note and Desk Pads

Achieving ongoing brand visibility is a challenge facing most companies. Promotional products, such as notepads and desk pads, present an opportunity to achieve brand visibility with customers and prospects every day.

Note pads, desk pads and message pads are a useful tool for spreading your message and logo.

  • Personalised Note Pads
  • DL Note Pads
  • A4 Note Pads
  • A5 Note Pads
  • Message Pads
  • Desk Pads

Marketing Tip: Add a calendar to your desk pad and a prompt to encourage the owner of your pad to call you if they need a new one.

A branded notepad, message pad or desk pad places your message in front of your target audience. Include them in your marketing program today and see the great benefits they will bring to your business.

Your logo and business information will be present on all pages so that when people tear out a page, your brand and contact details are still there.

Branded notepads may look simple, but can be a powerful marketing tool if done properly.

We will work with you to ensure your note pads are designed and printed consistently with the rest of your marketing materials to ensure brand recognition for your business.

People actually use notepads, so they are constantly exposed to the message you choose to include. Repetition is key to branding and custom printed note pads provide the perfect opportunity to brand your company.

To include quality notepads, message pads and desk pads in your marketing program call us or email [email protected]