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Printed Compliment Slips

Printed Compliment Slips

A compliment slip or “with compliments slip” is a branded piece of paper that is usually in a rectangular format. The purpose of a compliment slip is to provide a polite message to your clients. It is a nice touch to include compliments slips when you are handing over your services or providing a reciept/invoice.

Compliment Slip Design

A good layout is important for a compliment slip, with plenty of room to write a handwritten note if need be. It is also important to include further means of communication such as phone numbers, email/postal addresses and website details so that your client can get in touch easily.

A compliment slip is effectively a squashed down version of a letter-headed piece of paper that contains the companies branding, colour palette and associated graphics. Space to write a quick handwritten note should be provided and this is classically above or below a printed phrase that states: “With compliments…” or “With thanks…”

Compliment Slip Benefits

Your client will recognise that your organisation is a professional one that takes pride in making an effort with customer service. Any further handwritten information that is needed to get the message across will also be framed in something that is more polished than a hastily written post-stick note. Having an effective compliments slip will also cut down on repeat information having to be handwritten, such as phone numbers or email addresses. You can also include an after sales message exclusive to your clients such as further offers or services.

“Start with a business card, close with a compliments slip”

The above idea is that you start your sales with a business card introduction and close with a compliments slip that is attached to the invoice for the client.

Artwork and Design for Compliment Slips

Our artwork and design team are on hand to assist you in putting together a visually pleasing and attractive compliments slip for use in your everyday client handling. We have vast experience with what works and can put together an appropriate design based on your existing companies branding and design guidelines if need be.