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Slow Season Marketing

During the slow season it is tempting to sit tight and wait for things to pick up.

But within your customer database are customers who are ready and willing to make a purchase or arrange an appointment and all you need to do is reach out to them. Your customer database is full of potential business opportunities just sitting there waiting to be grabbed.

It is therefore important to be active with your marketing efforts – right now. Now is the time to call your top customers and follow up leads and lost customers.

Great ways to reach out is by calling or via email or by using direct mail like sales letters or postcards.

An instant cash surge can fund further marketing to give you the chance to invest back into your business so you can make even more money. Alternatively you could purchase some equipment you really want but thought you couldn’t afford.  It can provide the money for something you’ve really wanted to buy for yourself. It can relieve worry or be used to pay off some overheads. Or you could simply do something completely frivolous you wouldn’t normally do.

Indeed, just about every business can benefit from a surge of cash.

Here are a some ideas for increasing sales during your slow season:

1) Slow-Season Promotion.

Many businesses stop or slow down their marketing efforts during the slow season – the thinking behind this is that they are saving money when in fact all they are doing is eating into their profits. Slow season marketing is the perfect opportunity for sending out a promotion.

2) The Reason Why Sale.

When you’ve built a relationship with your customers, sometimes all you need to do is give them a reason why you are having a special sale.

The reason why doesn’t really matter as long as you list one. It could be because you are moving premises… it’s your anniversary… birthday… end of season…”your boss is on holiday” or another special occasion. As long as you tell them why, there will be a certain percentage of people who will take you up on your offer.

3) You’ve Already Won.

This type of marketing is done to get people in your door.  The idea is to offer some sort of free gift to your customers and all they have to do to get it is come to your shop/offices and pick it up.

Typically there are no strings attached other than that the customer must come inside your shop to receive their gift. This works well for two reasons. One, once there, they are more likely to purchase something. And two, because of reciprocity. The fact that you gave them a nice gift out of the blue often makes people want to return the favour by buying something from you.

Here’s to your success, best of luck, Jason