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4 ways to turn a business card into a marketing card

Here are 4 great ways you can turn your business card into a powerful marketing tool – today! If you really want to turbo charge your marketing material and win more customers then your business card is a great place to start. Why should company’s business card, which could be the single most important piece of marketing material be given ... Read More »

Is Your Printing Chipping?

Chipping you ask. What’s Chipping? If a dark colour is printed to the edge of card, for example a business card or card flyer, it may show what is called ‘chipping’. It is when little white chips or flaking appears at the edge of the card. We see a lot of this at the moment as the popularity for business cards with ... Read More »

A Series Paper Sizes

ISO A SERIES PAPER SIZES Successive paper sizes in the series A1, A2, A3, and so forth, are defined by halving the preceding paper size along the larger dimension. The most frequently used paper size is A4 (210 × 297 mm) and by halving the larger dimension (297 mm) the size becomes A5 and so on. A0 841x1189mm  /  A1 594x840mm ... Read More »

Top Tip: Testimonials

What customers say can make or break a company Bad news travels fast, so if a customer gets bad service, you can be sure they’re going to tell others. And people tend to listen that bit closer when the news is juicy. Occasionally, things don’t go according to plan – it happens – so to ensure potential clients receive a ... Read More »

5 Print Marketing Tips

Here are some ideas which are sure to improve your next piece of printed marketing. Whether you are producing a full colour leaflet, a postcard, a card flyer or brochure or pretty much any promotional material you care to name, the following tips are worth bearing in mind. A punchy heading. This will grab the readers attention, examples include: The lazy man’s way to riches or ... Read More »

6 Tips to improve your print marketing

A quick checklist for success. Here are some key elements which will improve your next piece of printed marketing. It could be a full colour leaflet, a post card, a card flyer or brochure really any promotional material you care to name. A punchy heading. This will grab the readers attention, examples include: The lazy man’s way to riches or 60 days ago they called me ... Read More »

Make your mark with a bookmark

Bookmarks make a terrific marketing tool and a handy one too! Hand out at networking events or exhibitions, send out with your correspondence or simply leave in a pile on the counter in your shop, however you choose to distribute them they are a novel (sorry) way to spread your marketing message. Improve their usefulness by adding a calendar to ... Read More »

Need something more than a leaflet?

Flyer printing is ideal for marketing and promotional work. Use as a mailer card, or maybe a postcard… use them for general offers, use them for special offers. Post them, include them with invoices, hand them out at exhibitions or networking events. Designer Tip: Easy to mail, just add the address and stamp. Once sent, they arrive open and with a ... Read More »

Clients Will Read Your Message Every Time They Scribble Theirs

Once given as a gift a notepad becomes a daily reminder of your business and services. Because they are so useful every desk cries out for a notepad. Have you ever noticed how possessive people become of their note pad. Heaven help you if you forget to return it! A notepad will add value to your business when it includes your contact details, a ... Read More »

Boost Your Profits Instantly With Regular Customer Contact

Printing is a hugely cost effective way to nurture customer relationships and reach out to prospects. Regularly informing your contacts of offers and product or service developments you maximise the potential of increased sales and profits. Digital printing is the printing industry’s greatest development in decades. It cost effectively fulfils many needs such as short print runs, speed and personalisation. ... Read More »

Why swing tags are a powerful marketing tool

Swing tags, are a powerful marketing tool, they add to your brand perception, increase perceived value, provide product information, and will boost sales. Swing tags are like most other forms of marketing where the design and print quality can win or lose you a sale. I am sure you’ve been out shopping before and the presentation of the item has ... Read More »

Deliver your message with bookmarks

Here are a few tips to ensure your bookmarks deliver success. The first thing to consider is who your target audience will be. If you’re an author promoting your next best seller then ensuring you reach the correct readership is important. If you have written an IT how-to manual then the checkout at your local PC Megastore makes sense but if you’ve ... Read More »

Presentation Is A Key Factor In Winning New Business

Would you turn up for an important meeting in a t-shirt and flip-flops? Okay, so perhaps if you’re selling surf boards you might, but for most of us you’d ensure your clothes are nicely pressed and your shoes are looking good. So why wouldn’t you dress your marketing material as thoughtfully? When it is important to you to showcase your ... Read More »

Festive times

It’s ‘snow’ important to get your message heard. With Festivities right round the corner, now is the time to really shout-out about your products, events and services. It’s one of the reasons at this time of year we’re busy with our best-selling Greeting Cards, Calendars, Flyers (with calendars), 150gsm Gloss Leaflets and Business Cards. So whether you’re promoting Christmas or ... Read More »

Stay In Touch All Year

Don’t just stay close at Christmas Every business today is striving to stay foremost in the minds of their customers. With the volume of advertising we are exposed to every day it gets harder and harder. Which is why a personalised note, handwritten and posted is going to have more impact than a computer generated letter. Naturally this same principal ... Read More »