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Top Tip: Testimonials

What customers say can make or break a company

Bad news travels fast, so if a customer gets bad service, you can be sure they’re going to tell others. And people tend to listen that bit closer when the news is juicy.

Occasionally, things don’t go according to plan – it happens – so to ensure potential clients receive a true picture of your business and service it makes a lot of sense to collect testimonials and proudly display them on all your marketing material (brochures, leaflets, reverse of business cards) and website.

Displaying the kind words of happy customers shows potential customers you’re worth doing business with, because feeling confident about your product and professionalism is big part of the buying process.

How do I get testimonials?

Just ask! Though it may seem a little uncomfortable at first, satisfied customers will be more than happy to endorse your services. And most business people understand that this kind of endorsement is a widely accepted practice.

Ways to get testimonials include feedback cards sent to clients, a feedback form on your website and simply emailing a feedback questionnaire. If a client you know doesn’t have the time, you could suggest writing the testimonial yourself and asking them to read and approve it. It is good form to ask for permission before displaying testimonials.

Remember, testimonials instil confidence in the buyer that you are a professional and deliver the goods and services you say you will. So be sure to add a testimonial to your next piece of marketing literature.