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Waste Transfer Note Books Printing

Waste Transfer Note Books Printing

Custom Waste Transfer Note with your logo, company name and contact details

Environment Agency style forms with your logo, contact details and carrier number. We can also assist with fully custom Waste Transfer Notes for your specific requirements.

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  • Waste Transfer Note
  • Duplicate paper: White & Yellow paper
  • Triplicate paper: White, Yellow & Pink paper
  • Sequential numbering available
  • Perforated for easy page tear out
  • 50 sets in every book
  • Popular sizes include A5 (210 x 148mm)  and A4 (210 x 297mm)
  • Loose writing shields supplied free
  • UK wide delivery
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Further information 01202 680743 or email: [email protected]

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Waste Transfer Notes: Download Examples

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Environment Agency Website Links
Link to: Non Hazardous – Waste Transfer Note Information
Link to: Hazardous – Waste Consignment Note Information
Link to: Waste classification technical guidance

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Customer Feedback & Guarantee

Customer Feedback & Guarantee

Some Feedback from Happy Customers

Hi Jason, Waste Transfer Note Books have been received they are perfect. Thanks once again Jackie

We have just received the carbon pads, and would just like to say thank you we are really happy with the quality. I would also just like to say thank you for all your help with this process. Alexandra Richardson

The product is wonderful. I look forward to working with you again in the near future. Kind Regards, Gurpreet

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Your Guarantee – Ordering with Complete Peace of Mind

We care about your success and the quality of the printing we produce so we fuss over the quality of everything we deliver.

Therefore, if for any reason your printing is faulty and the mistake is ours, we will replace it FREE! No quibbling. No excuses. A free replacement just as fast as we can make it.



Personalised Waste Transfer Note Book Printing

Standard Size: A4, 210 x 297mm

Numbered Sequentially: Yes, available with or without numbering

Carbonless Paper NCR (No Carbon Required): Duplicate or Triplicate

Content: 50 Duplicate Sheets or 50 Triplicate Sheets in every book 

Artwork & Design

Artwork & Design

We’d love to create your artwork for you

If you don’t have artwork our studio team would love to discuss and create artwork for you and supply pdf proofs before printing.

Our experienced artwork team are available to help, they can add your company details to one of our many templates or create a form which is completely unique for your business.

Getting your ideas across to us is easy

Creating the perfect business form for your business is really easy

We’ve been doing Personalised Waste Transfer Note Books for many years and so all we really need is a little guidance from you on what is going to be ideal for your business.

Great ways to get across what you’d like us to do

You could pop a sample in the post of what you already use.

You could send us a document with a rough layout that we can tidy up and turn into a press ready file.

Or even – and we get this a LOT – a simple hand drawn sketch – photographed – and emailed to us! Yes, we can even work from your sketches…

Supplying Artwork to us which is Ready for Printing

If you’d like to supply your own complete ready-to-print Waste Transfer Note artwork then please supply a Press Ready PDF file. We always check artwork sent to us and you’ll always receive a proof back before printing.

Personalised for You

Personalised for You

Personalised for Your Business

The business forms we’ll produce for your business will be fully personalised to your needs.

For example we could include a Carrier Number and Address for you or leave it off. We can include drill holes for easy filing – just let us know your needs.

There are 50 sets in every book which means a duplicate book will have 50 top white sheets and 50 yellow sheets. You could have 50 sets of duplicate 2-part copies or 50 sets of triplicate 3-part copies or even 50 sets quadruplicate 4-part copies.

The minimum number of books we produce is 5 books which is 250 sets.

Your carbonless NCR paper is usually a different colour for each page.

Here are some examples: Duplicate 2-part copies might be top copy white and the duplicate copy in yellow or pink. Triplicate 3-part copies are typically white, yellow and pink. These are standard but if you’d like white and blue paper or white, pink and blue just let us know and we’ll accommodate if we can.

We can add sequential numbering

So that you can easily track and trace your Waste Transfer Note we can add sequential numbering starting from any number you choose for example 0001 or from 090001. If as an example you ordered 10 books and would like to start your numbering from 0001, the numbers will run sequentially from 0001 through to 0501. However, some customers prefer for us to just leave space for them to write the numbers in themselves.

Tearing out your Perforated Pages

All our carbonless Waste Transfer Note books come perforated along the bound edge for you so you can easily tear out the pages. We can either perforate all the pages or we can leave one of the pages without perforation so that it stays in book. Just let us know which best suits your needs.

Free writing shields

Your new books will come with free card writing shields which you slip between the pages when you write. This prevents your impression when writing going through more pages than you’d like. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the difference between Waste Transfer Note loose sets, pads or books?

Answer: Sets are duplicate or triplicate sheets glued together as a sets. Pads are duplicate or triplicate sets glued together in a pad with a board back. Books have covers front and back and the pages are perforated along the spine for easy page tear out.

Question: What size Waste Transfer Note Books do you print?

Answer: Most commonly we print A4 (210 x 297mm). However, we regularly also print bespoke size books which are A5. If you need a different size – no problem, just contact us.

Question: Can I have my logo and business details on my order?

Answer: Yes – all our pads, sets and books are personalised for your business. We have many templates we’ve used in the past and we can simply add your details or create something bespoke just for you.

Question: What if I get my order and I’m not happy with the results?

Answer: If we haven’t followed your instructions or there is an error with the printing or with the quality then you can return the printing (at our cost) and we’ll give you your money back or reprint for you – no excuses, no quibbling.

Question: Can I use my own artwork?

Answer: Yes – if you have your own artwork that’ll be great. Just send us what you have and we’ll take a look and make sure we can print from it.

Question: I need my job numbered, can you do that?

Answer: Yes again – we offer sequential numbering at no additional cost. Just let us know what number you’d like us to start at in your email.

Question: How many sets in a pad or in a book?

Answer: As standard there are 50 duplicate sets or 50 triplicate sets in every pad or book.

Question: I need one of the pages to stay in the book

Answer: No problemo… we can perforate all the pages for easy page tear out or leave a page un-perforated so that it remains in the book, it’s up to you. And again, no additional cost.

Question: My logo is blue, can you print in blue instead of black?

Answer: Yep. We print NCR using a press which can print in 2 spot colours at the same time. This means we can print in just black or just blue or just green etc. Or we can print in black + green or black + pink or blue + red at the same time.

Question: I need terms and conditions on the back.

Answer: Easy peasy. We can do that. All I’d say is that it costs no more (and is actually easier for us) if terms and conditions are on the back of ALL the sheets. But if you prefer it on just the top copy just let us know.

Question: How long does it take?

Answer: Artwork is typically 2 full working days from payment. Printing typically 5 -7 full working days from payment. Sometimes quicker but rarely longer.

Question: Do prices include VAT? Answer: Prices shown do not include VAT as most of our customers are VAT registered and it is standard within the industry to show prices excluding VAT. If you are unsure please ask for a full quotation including VAT or simply add 20% to prices shown.

Question: When do I pay?

Answer: We’ll send you an invoice and require payment before any work begins – and so to avoid delays we’ll usually send it the same day as we receive your instructions.

Question: How do I pay?

Answer: We’ll email you an invoice can be paid online or by card over the phone if your prefer. Or you can make a BACS transfer or send us a cheque. Payments must be cleared before work begins – so online or BACS payment is definitely quickest.

Question: Can I speak to someone in person?

Answer: Yes, we’re a company with a friendly team answering the phones who’d love to have a chat about your requirements. If it’s a weekend or out of hours simply leave a message and we’ll call you back with pleasure. 

Pads and Books: What's the Difference?

Pads and Books: What's the Difference?

Pads or Books
Triplicate Set Example

Triplicate Set Example

Sets are duplicate or triplicate sheets glued together as a loose sets.

Duplicate Pad Example

Duplicate Pad Example

Pads are duplicate or triplicate sets which are glued together to create a pad with a board back.

Invoice Book Example

Example of Book

Books have covers front and back and the pages are perforated along the spine for easy page tear out.

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