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Who are the UK’s Happy Brand Leaders?

The marketing experts over at Marketing Week ran a new study  to reveal the UK’s happiest brands and how they instil an emotional connection with consumers.

London advertising agency Isobel and the stats fans at Cog Research did the actual groundwork for Marketing Week’s report and infographic.


Download the full infographic here

“We have conducted the first ever consumer study to identify the UK’s happiest brands,” says Isobel on their website. “The study asked consumers to identify brands against a number of ‘happy’ criteria including values such as optimistic or pessimistic, playful or boring, happy or sad, trustworthy or not trustworthy etc.”

Top 10 Happiest UK Brands

1. Cadbury
2. Andrex
3. Google
4. Fairy
5. Nivea
6. YouTube
7. Amazon
8. Mars
9. Walkers
10. Heinz

Marketing Week concluded that the study clearly suggests that both emotional and rational attributes are valid ways to leave an imprint with a consumer and brands that have a measure of both prove popular with consumers.