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Why Newsletters Can Grow Your Business

There are many reasons why a regular printed newsletter is the best tool ‘bar none’ for staying front of mind with customers and educating them (in a non-sales way) about your services, but let’s focus on the 5 most important reasons your business can benefit tremendously from a monthly printed newsletter.

1. Newsletters help you retain customers

By keeping in touch with customers and ensuring they have your information to hand you’ll retain more customers. Staying in touch means won’t fall off their radar because you’ve made the effort to stay in touch.

2. Newsletters can help you get more new customers

You can post newsletters to prospects and new leads. This simple act alone will give you a huge competitive advantage.

3. Newsletters will get you more referrals

You can ask for referrals in your newsletter. A fun and informative newsletter gets passed around increasing the chance of referrals.

4. Newsletters make great sales tools.

Newsletters are not a tool for overt selling. However, in a story or article you’ll get opportunities for cross selling, upselling and informing customers about ALL your services

5. Newsletters keep you top of mind

By appearing through the post you stand out. A newsletter’s regularity means you regularly communicate with customers and therefore stay front of mind.

Any one of these five reasons on its own is a good enough reason to publish a monthly newsletter, but combined, a monthly newsletter can easily be one of the single greatest marketing and customer retention tools on the planet.

But that begs the question…

If newsletters are so great, why doesn’t every company do them?

It’s not that most business owners don’t know they should be sending a monthly newsletter to all their existing clients and prospects. It is simply that they are busy. The reality of business is that even when something works as well as newsletters do for growing your business, even though you get more referrals by sending a monthly newsletter out, and even though you will increase customer retention, it doesn’t mean all the work involved in creating a monthly newsletter gets done. It’s a bit like flossing, we all know we should do it, yet most people don’t do it despite the fact that we should be doing it every day.

What Makes a Good Newsletter?

The key to having a great newsletter is getting people to look forward to your newsletter the same way they would look forward to any other monthly publication they subscribe to. Think about it, you don’t throw your favourite magazine away when it comes in the mail, do you? Of course not! You hold onto it, read and re-read articles, clip out recipes or how-to articles and pass it around for your friends to read as well. This is exactly what the goal should be for your newsletter: to make it a valuable resource to your customers and clients, one that they not only look forward to each month, but that has so much value that they actually save it to show to others.

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